About Us

Mission Statement

Funded by Student Government, the mission of the Student Legal Services Office at Iowa State University is to provide professional, confidential legal advice and support to college students, free of charge, when no conflict of interest with the university exists. Our office is committed to assisting students in addressing their legal concerns, ensuring their access to legal resources, and promoting their academic and personal success. When appropriate, we facilitate referrals to community legal services to further support our students. Our dedication aligns with the mission of the University and Division of Student Affairs, emphasizing the importance of serving all students and contributing to their overall success through their college experience.


Student Legal Services was first formed as an outgrowth of the original Campus Legal Services. Campus Legal Services was a cooperative effort between the Government of the Student Body and Drake University Law School whereby law students participating in Drake’s legal clinic program would provide legal advice to ISU students and in some cases, active representation. In 1985, a task force of students was formed to investigate alternative forms of legal aid services, and finally concluded that the most effective method of providing services was to form SLS and hire a full-time attorney to work directly for students. In its first years, SLS provided traditional legal services and advice to thousands of ISU students, and SLS succeeded in expanding on the services formerly provided by Campus Legal Services. Today, SLS provides the services of two licensed attorneys on a full-time basis, allowing students to receive the benefit of a comprehensive legal services with continuity, professionalism, and little or no expense.

The office holds the status of a student organization and is funded by Student Government allocation. By agreement with the Dean of Students’ Office, the staff of Student Legal Services are employees of the University and the Dean of Students’ Office.

In establishing SLS, the Student Government established four major responsibilities for the office:

1. To provide legal consultation and advice to ISU students in as many areas of the law as is feasible;

2. To represent students of need in the courts of the State of Iowa and do all things necessary for such representation;

3. To present educational seminars to students on legal issues of relevance;

4. To develop and distribute educational material on legal issues and processes.

These responsibilities remain the major goals of SLS.


Student confidentiality is of the highest importance to us. Except for a few matters as detailed by the Iowa Rules of Professional Conduct, any information disclosed to us is treated confidentially.

If you'd like to book an appointment with us, please call us at (515) 294-0978.